Tuesday 27

This morning, no wind at all. The crews have left from the Vieux Port at 10.30. a.m. for the rade Nord. The French team is a little tense as the jury has decided to disqualify them for the last course of Monday, as they made a mistake on the start line. Their new rank is now 6.

Here are the results of the first course, a windward-leeward course.

Course 7
1 Italie
2 France (Audencia)
3 Ireland (Cork)
4 Czech Republic
5 Switzerland
7 England
8 France (Ecole Polytechnique)
9 Scotland
10 Wales
11 Irlande (Limerick)
12 Japan

The inshore race is about to start

On the schedule : – This morning 1 Inshore race 1 Windward-Leeward Course

Then at 3 p.m. everybody come back to the Vieux Port, before leaving for the night race, an inshore race which should end at 10 p.m.

2 Responses to Tuesday 27

  1. Sally Barker-Dodds says:

    Good luck Team England in the night race….we are thinking of you….

  2. Sally Barker-Dodds says:

    I’ve just seen the night race has been cancelled. What a shame. Why was it cancelled? Also, I can’t find a link from the English translation home page to the blog…There seems to be a link from the French home page..Strange….

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